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Glueless Solid Wood Floating Wide Plank Floor

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     EASIKLIP® Pre-finished, Solid European White Oak Wide Plank Flooring

No Nails No Glue, No Pounding with special tools... just Clip planks together! Easy!

Install as a Floating Floor, you can even pick it up and use again elsewhere.
Installs in 50% to 60% Less Time and 80% Less Effort than conventional wood flooring.

EasiKlip® looks and feels like natural real wood flooring because it is natural real wood flooring!

EasiKlip® uses no glue! But is still a floating floor. It can be laid on any level sub-floor (plywood, concrete etc)

This is not a Laminated Plastic or a Laminated Wood floor!
EasiKlip® is Real, European White Oak, Random Length, Solid Wood Plank, Floor!

Laminated Flooring was the only floating wood floor solution until now!

Laminated Flooring was the only real
DIY wood floor solution Until NOW!

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You just insert each board into to the last and fold down – locking the boards together using pre-installed Clips.

Make a bad cut .. no problem just Unfold… You cannot do this with other floors.

With other floating floors you are in trouble..  The boards do not come apart without cutting etc.


EasiKlip Specs:


Thick: .7087inch   (18mm)

Wide: 4.724 inch (120mm)

Random Length:
  13.77 inches - 55.118 inches

(350 mm  - 1400 mm)

Area per Box:  10.85 sq ft   (1 M2)
Box Weight: 30 lb  (13.5 kg)

Beveled edges
     - On all 4 sides!



EasiKlip® is a glue-less solid timber floor that is held together by locking individual boards together using the factory fitted clips.
As a general guide
EasiKlip® is supplied with approximately 40 of the aluminum clips for every 1m² of flooring.
Clips are screw fixed to the underside of the long leading edge of each individual board typically between 2 and 4 clips per board.
Average 40 clips per box